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AGENTS:     Jill Corcoran   Eve Porinchak    Timothy Travaglini      Adah Megged Nuchi   Jodell Sadler   Silvia Ariente

Jill Corcoran Literary Agency is pleased to announce the addition of four new agents as it expands into the adult book market and furthers its reach in the children’s book market. 

Timothy Travaglini, formerly director of children's acquisitions at Open Road, and editor with G. P. Putnam’s Sons, Walker & Company, and Henry Holt and Company joins JCLA as a Literary Agent. Adah Megged Nuchi, formerly an editor with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Reader; Jodell Sadler, formerly of Sadler Literary and founder of KidLit College; and Silvia Ariente all join JCLA this month as Editorial Agents, partnering with  Jill Corcoran on new client manuscripts in an editorial capacity while Jill focuses on sales. 

Jill, Tim, Silvia, and Eve Porinchak, who joined JCLA in 2015, will agent both adult and children’s books, while Adah and Jodell focus on children’s books.  (December, 2016)