Julie Tibbott, Agent

 © Jessica Kourkounis

© Jessica Kourkounis

Julie Tibbott always knew that she wanted to be involved in creating books—and she’s been lucky enough to do so, as an editor, an author, and now an agent. As might be expected from the author of MEMBERS ONLY, a book about cults and secret societies, Julie is drawn to stories that give us access to hidden worlds, unusual communities, and unique points of view. She was previously a senior editor at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, where she worked on intriguing science fiction by Diane Duane, sweeping historical fiction by Carolyn Meyer, the morbidly hilarious YA works of Gina Damico, and dark, beautiful fantasy by Sarah Porter, among many others.

For both teen and adult audiences, Julie is looking for: psychological thrillers; clever mysteries; speculative fiction; fantasy with one foot in the real world; high-concept fiction and nonfiction with a pop culture connection; and generally, works infused with a touch of the surreal, spooky, absurd, quirky, or magical.

As part of JCLA, Julie is excited to discover new talent and help authors make their stories the strongest they can be. Julie partners with Jill Corcoran on all client manuscripts, with Julie focusing on editorial and Jill focusing on subbing, selling and negotiations. Julie and Jill work together to advise and guide clients' careers.  Authors need only submit to either Julie or Jill, as they share all submissions.


Julie Tibbott is currently closed to queries.
Contact for Editors and Art Directors: julie@jillcorcoranliteraryagency.com
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