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Liza Charlesworth is the author of more than 400 titles for children—on topics ranging from phonics to fairy tales, sight words to sea mammals. She is a skilled writer with a strong visual sense and the personal mission of bringing joy to every child who picks up one of her books. Liza specializes in playful, innovative, learning-rich products and is well known for her bestselling series related to the alphabet, guided reading, sight words, and science. A seasoned poet, she is quite comfortable writing in verse. Liza lives in New York City with her husband and twin sons, who provide daily inspiration.  
You can read more about Liza at: http://leftyseditorial.com/

Fiction Series & Picture Books (selected)

  • Disney Learning Leveled Readers GRL A-D (Scholastic, 2018)
  • First Little Comics: GRL A-F (Scholastic, 2018)
  • First Little Readers: GRL B-F (Scholastic, 2018)
  • Just-Right Readers: GRL A-J (Scholastic, 2018)
  • Curious George: Follow That Hat (HMH Books, 2018)
  • Curious George: Super George! (HMH Books, 2018)
  • Curious George: The Surprise (HMH Books, 2018)
  • Splash and Bubble: Double Bubbles (HMH Books, 2018)
  • Splash and Bubble: Rhythm of the Reef (HMH Books, 2018)
  • Splash and Bubble: Shark Surprise (HMH Books, 2018)
  • Amazing Animals: A Spin & Spot Book (Scholastic, 2017)
  • Care Bear Phonics (Scholastic, 2017)
  • Sight Word Songs Flip Chart & CD (Scholastic, 2017)
  • Keep Curious and Carry a Banana (HMH Books, 2016)
  • Let’s Learn Readers (Scholastic, 2015)
  • Read & Understand Books (Scholastic, 2011)
  • Parts-of-Speech Tales (Scholastic, 2010)
  • Folk & Fairy Tale Readers (Scholastic, 2009)
  • Punctuation Tales (Scholastic, 2009)
  • Phonics Tales (Scholastic, 2007)
  • Talk-to-Me Readers (Scholastic, 2007)
  • Number Tales (Scholastic, 2006)
  • Grammar Tales (Scholastic, 2005)
  • AlphaTales (Scholastic, 2001)

Nonfiction Series & Picture Books (selected)

  • Guided Science Readers GRL A-F (Scholastic, 2017)
  • My Math Readers (Scholastic, 2015)
  • Nonfiction Sight Word Readers (Scholastic, 2015)
  • Nonfiction Alphabet Readers (Scholastic, 2014)
  • Animal Phonics Readers (Scholastic, 2014)
  • Science Sight Word Readers (Scholastic, 2011)
  • Science Vocabulary Readers (Scholastic, 2011)
  • Introduction to Nonfiction Flip Chart (Scholastic, 2009)

Adult Books

  • Why Happiness Makes Me Nervous: Poems & Photographs (Sullivan Street Press, 2016)
  • The Couple’s Guide to In Vitro: Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Your Chances of Success (Da Capo, 2004)
  • Dinosaurs: The Very Latest Information and Hands-on Activities from the Museum of the Rockies (Scholastic, 1996)
  • 100 Awesome Writing Prompts to Use With Any Book (Scholastic, 2001)

Fiction and Non-Fiction Series
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