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Silvia Arienti, Associate  Agent
Silvia's passion for storytelling and filmmaking has ruled her life decisions since she discovered the magic worlds inside books. Silvia grew up in the north of Italy, in a not so quite charming little town that nobody knows. After learning about film and theater history in high school, she graduated from Milan's Catholic University with a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Literature. Before even discussing her thesis, she was accepted into the Master for Screenwriting and Producing at the same University.  

After earning her Masters, she moved to Copenhagen to become Assistant Producer for a Swedish Producer and, at the same time, she worked for SWIM - Scandinavian World of Innovative Media - to promote transmedia culture in the region.  Silvia later moved to Los Angeles to study Production at UCLA. While going through the more business related classes, she understood her mind was made more for analyzing stories than creating business plans, therefore decided to become a story editor. 

Silvia was a reader for JCLA before she was promoted to Associate Editorial Agent. 

Silvia is looking for Young Adult fiction of any kind, YA and MG fantasy as well as Adult romance with a twist, and Adult crime stories.


Contact for Editors and Art Directors:
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